Ferguson Black Community Ought To Demand Less Government

Everyone is aware by now of another Trayvon Martin situation, this time in Ferguson, Missouri. An unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer. The result has been disturbing on both ends. Blacks in this St. Louis suburb have rioted. They’re looting and destroying their own neighborhoods. The police response, using military equipment, has been equally as disturbing. Every American should be bothered by the unnecessary militarization of local police forces. Black anger is misplaced in this situation, just like it was in the Trayvon Martin situation.

Over 90% of black people who are murdered are killed by another black person according to FBI statistics. Those murders are routinely ignored by the black community and just about everyone else. The investigation in Ferguson isn’t complete yet, so we don’t fully know what happened. If the cop unjustly used his weapon, then let him be punished for it. Rioting over it is completely uncalled for.

Of course simmering under this situation is a feeling among black residents in metro St. Louis that the cops exist mainly to prevent them from harming whites. Time ran a piece by Prof. Gerald Early, who is sympathetic to the rioters cause. He acknowledged that when a light rail line was created, giving black communities quick access to shopping and entertainment districts used predominately by whites, that crime increased in those areas. If blacks are committing crimes against whites, it would hardly be surprising if the police tried to prevent it from happening. The left would like to have us pretend that this is racist, in fact the police are simply responding to reality. Unfortunately, black leaders brush aside criminal acts committed by blacks and cry racism instead.

Ultimately this is the problem for the black community. They’ve allowed themselves to be led by leftists for two generations. The result is that blacks are more dependent, on average, to government than whites. Generations long government dependance will never lift the black community (or any community) out of poverty or near poverty. Some of these rioters have figured out Obama hasn’t made anything better for them. The problem is that their solution is more government assistance and more laws. LBJ’s Great Society is half a century old, government welfare hasn’t worked for blacks. It is true, blacks aren’t better off under Obama. In fact, they’re worse off. However more welfare isn’t the solution. The same government that passes out welfare checks also has military vehicles cruising up and down the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

There has to come a point for the black community where they say to themselves ‘enough government, we need to take care of ourselves.’ Individually, there is nothing holding blacks back in this country. Collectively, blacks are held back by a government that has enslaved them rather than made them free. The police in this case may have been unjustified in shooting. However rioting isn’t going to fix anything. As we can already see, it’s made things worse. It isn’t enough to demand equality, individual black people need to decide for themselves whether or not they’re going to free themselves from the cycle of dependance or not. Until a large number of individuals decide they’ve had enough and shed government this problem won’t go away.

6 thoughts on “Ferguson Black Community Ought To Demand Less Government

  1. Reblogged this on Christian Heritage News and commented:
    I think this commentary brings up some very good points. I grew up near the Ferguson area in North St. Louis County and my heart is very grieved by these recent events. My prayers are for both the parents and loved ones of the slain young man and the local police force.

  2. One question I have is this. How would this situation unfolded before Obama and Holder were in power? I think it would have been different because the people who perpetrate such nonsense have been emboldened because they have “two of their own” in places of authority.

    • I’m not sure this situation unfolds any differently if Mitt Romney were President. The people in the streets have attacked Obama. My guess is they expected things to change under Obama and they haven’t at all. In fact, for blacks life is worse under Obama. They really expected Obama to change things for them and they’re outraged that nothing has changed. Perhaps that’s made them angrier, perhaps not.

      My argument of course is that blacks should not seek a government solution to the problems they believe they face, particularly when it comes to poverty. Blacks, in fact all Americans, need to look to themselves rather than the state. The state has done nothing but ensure people do little more than barely tread above water. The Democrats in particular rely on their votes and don’t deliver anything as a result. This has been going on for almost 50 years without much to show for it for low income blacks.

      To say anything about this is to endure the howls of racism from the left. In fact, it’s racist to assume blacks can’t make it on their own. The left can create all sorts of ridiculous reasons why blacks can’t make it. In reality, blacks are perfectly capable of making it in America. To tell them they can’t because of the boogeyman of racism is to deny blacks basic human self respect.

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