Marxist History Theory And Obama

The progressive left, headed by President Obama, loves to talk about being on the right side of history. Go back five years and these people talked about making history, now they’re talking about being on the right side of it. Putin is on the wrong side of history when it comes to Ukraine, the right side of history isn’t entirely clear. Syria’s use of chemical weapons was the wrong side of history, opposing it the right side. Supporting homosexual marriage and other special rights for homosexuals is the right side of history, opposing them the wrong. When it comes to American domestic policy, pretty much everything left-wing is the right side of history, leaving anything conservative as the wrong side.

When the progressive left uses terms like the “right side of history” they betray their Marxist roots. It doesn’t necessarily make them Marxists, it simply means they’ve been taught the Marxist view of history and either buy it as accurate or have no idea other history theories exist. The Marxist view of history suggests that all of history is a march towards the glorious socialism Marx envisioned for the world. During his time Feudalism had been cast off in most of Europe in favor of free enterprise (dismissed by Marx as capitalism) and classical liberalism. Marx viewed this as necessary for without capitalism we couldn’t get to the ultimate goal which was a stateless form of socialism. All history progressed to this point in the mind of Marx.

Fast forward to today and it’s clear Obama and the left buy into at least the framework of Marxist history. For Marx there is a right side of history and a wrong side of history. Any attempt to move history forward to its goal is the right side of history, anything pushing back at the goal is the wrong side. Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Crimea don’t really have much to do with advancing or opposing socialism but with Marxist history as their framework the progressive left can’t help but view Putin in the Marxist manner.

The right and wrong side of history is often left to the writer of history. Whether Putin’s actions in Ukraine are the right side of history will depend on the view of those who write history. It’s a safe bet that Russian historians will view Putin’s actions more favorably than Ukraine’s. On social issues, supporting homosexual marriage might get you on the right side of history with modern historians. However it’s entirely possibly that future historians will view this age as one of decadence and immorality, especially so if the west is called back to the Christian faith. The so-called right side of history can very quickly become the wrong side.

That isn’t to say history isn’t objective, it is. Events happen and are objectively recorded. The consequences of those events and the importance placed upon them is a matter for debate. In the Marxist world history is a march towards Marxist socialism. In the Christian world, history is judged against God’s law as contained in scripture. These are the two overarching western history theories out there. It’s very clear which view Obama and the left take. Next time the President prattles on about the right side of history remember he’s coming at history from a Marxist theory.

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