Obama’s Believe Obamacare is “God’s Work”

President Obama believes Obamacare is working the way it should be at this point. Putting aside continuing problems with the website and the fact that millions lost their insurance and cannot afford more expensive Obamacare plans, is Obamacare even achieving its goal? The purpose of the law, or at least the stated purpose, was to get uninsured Americans health insurance. And yet, polling indicates that very few uninsured people bought Obamacare plans. Conveniently the Federal government isn’t keeping track of how many previously uninsured Americans are buying Obamacare plans. If the uninsured aren’t buying into Obamacare, is it safe to question what it was all for without a progressive crying racist?

Perhaps the new line from the progressive left will be sacrilegious. In the last couple of weeks both the President and First Lady have told supporters they’re doing “God’s work.” In the case of Mrs. Obama, she told Obamacare counselors they’re doing “God’s work.” This is a curious phrase coming from the Obama’s, neither of whom discuss God or religion very often. They must have focus group data that suggests linking Obamacare with God produces a more positive reaction. The Obama’s must be desperate to reduce Obamacare disapproval from it’s current 55-60%.

In order to believe that Obamacare is “God’s work” one has to create his own god and/or suspend belief in the reality about Obamacare. Is our God one of increased insurance premiums on the young and healthy? Is our God one of guaranteed maternity care for men? Is our God one of low end bells and whistles at the expense of specialist care for serious medical problems such as cancer? If so then our God must be the God of Obamacare. That scripture never discusses healthcare will likely be missed across the board.

Is it God’s work to create a law which punishes employers for working people full time? Under Obamacare we’re likely to become a nation of 29 hour a week workers, especially for unskilled jobs. Obamacare has resulted in thousands of sick people losing their health insurance. It’s resulted in millions of canceled policies. Millions have found that Obamacare not only costs more but the deductibles are higher as well. While Sen. Harry Reid says all of this is a bunch of lies, treatments have stopped and families have lost insurance. Is this all God’s work as the Obama’s suggest?

It’s sort of rich hearing the Obama’s invoke God after all these years. Things must be getting desperate in the White House. The fact is there is no God given right to healthcare, much less Obamacare. The Obama’s suddenly finding religion is nothing more than a political ploy. It’s likely intended to confuse conservative Christians and perhaps energize the Obama’s black church base which may be pushing back at their failure to attend church or otherwise engage them. White progressives will either ignore the God talk or smirk and call it ironic. (everything is ironic to these people lately) Their God talk doesn’t change the fundamental problems with Obamacare, none of which are going away anytime soon. It certainly won’t help sick people who had their insurance canceled.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Believe Obamacare is “God’s Work”

  1. President Obama and the First Lady’s declaration that ObamaCare is God’s work is nonsense. I would also say it is borderline sacrilegious.They are invoking God’s name for their own purposes and that is a dangerous thing to do.

    • These are people who aren’t religious and never really have been. Obama didn’t join Wright’s church because he wanted to worship Jesus. He was directed there because he wanted to make political contacts because he had his eye on running for office one day. Wright acknowledged that Mrs. Obama’s family never went to church and that she wasn’t particularly interested in participating. To Obama, God is just a term to use to manipulate or motivate people. It’s not something that means much more to him.

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