Harry Reid Terrified Democrats Will Lose Senate

Sen. Harry Reid has had an interesting week. The Democrat began the week by declaring all the “horror” stories about Obamacare untrue. All those cancer patients who say their insurance was canceled are liars. So to are those who claim their insurance premiums doubled. Just the other day I spoke with an attorney, a solo practitioner, who said his family’s insurance premiums more than doubled. Clearly he’s a liar according to Reid, probably an agent of some radical Tea Party group. Reid made his week extra special by calling those exercising their first amendment right, particularly the boogeyman Koch brothers, “un-american.”

The left must be very concerned about Obamacare if they’re going to try to silence people by calling them liars and un-american. Here in Michigan, Democrat Rep. Gary Peters is running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Carl Levin. He’s outraged that Americans For Progress is running an ad in the state featuring cancer patient Julie Boonstra. Peters has actually sent letters to television stations subtly threatening their FCC license if they continue to run the ad. If Peters didn’t fear a backlash against Obamacare in November, he wouldn’t have bothered having threatening letters sent. The ad is a typical advocacy ad, practically a dime a dozen when it comes to campaigns. There’s nothing to fear, unless you’re terrified of an Obamacare backlash.

Remember when the Democrats declared it was heroic to challenge the President? Back when Bush was President publicly disagreeing with the President was “speaking truth to power.” The left at that time pretended like their freedom of speech was under attack, even though the Bush administration and Republicans never did anything to stifle speech. These days though it’s positively un-american to challenge the President according to Reid. The difference of course is that the Democrats will actually try to stifle speech (see: Peters letter, IRS scandal etc).

Reid is of course after the great boogeyman of the left: The Koch brothers. The brothers barely qualify as conservative, they support homosexual marriage after all. They also aren’t all that powerful, in terms of political donations the Koch brothers only rank 59th. Most of the top 10 political donors in the country are liberal Democrats. Of course though it’s the Koch brothers who are super evil and dangerous, un-american even. They’re probably liars too, especially if their insurance premiums were increased by Obamacare.

The Democrats are afraid, which explains Harry Reid’s outbursts on the Senate floor this week. One wonders if he didn’t get a look at internal polling which suggests the Democrats are in big trouble. In the end, declaring the “horror” stories untrue will only alienate potential Democrat voters, many of whom really have been negatively affected by Obamacare. Reid basically called everyone who has had problems or been negatively affected by Obamacare a liar. Surely not all of those people were Republicans. Many had to have been Democrats. His comments are born out of fear. He’s trying to create a stigma against those claiming problems, he’s trying to scare people into silence. Reid wouldn’t bother if he wasn’t worried about losing the Senate.

2 thoughts on “Harry Reid Terrified Democrats Will Lose Senate

    • They usually calculate their comments better, or shall I say leadership is better at offering more calculated comments. That Harry Reid is willing to make these absurd comments on the Senate floor screams fear of losing.

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