Why Wendy Davis Matters Outside Texas

Wendy Davis is a radical pro-abortion feminist running for Governor in Texas. She was made famous last year when she attempted to filibuster a bill that restricted abortion. Since then she’s floated around leftist salons touting her personal story and opposition to abortion as reasons why she should be elected governor. Unfortunately the Dallas Morning News has discovered the¬† personal story she’s been floating isn’t exactly accurate. She was not a teenage divorcee, she was 21 when she got divorced. She did not spend years in a trailer park, she spent a few months. She did not pay for her entire college and law school education, her second husband paid for all but the first two years.

Davis has been hawking¬† her personal story hoping it connects with women voters. Unfortunately it’s largely a rouse. Not only did her second husband pay for Davis’ education, when they divorced in 2005 he was granted full custody of both of her kids. Wendy Davis was ordered to pay child support. So much for the triumphant single mother. These trifling little facts didn’t stop Davis from attacking Wayne Slater, the journalist who uncovered Davis’ lies. Davis claims Slater is a shill for Greg Abbot, her Republican opponent. Of course to believe that would require ignoring the fact that Slater used to regularly appear on MSNBC attacking Republicans and wrote two books attacking George W. Bush and Karl Rove. Yeah, he’s some shill for the GOP.

Unable to curb uncomfortable questions about her past, Davis wrote a letter wherein she doesn’t address any discrepancies in her bio and basically tells the world she’s “one of us.” Because of course we all lie about our past in order to get elected Governor of Texas. Failing to curb inquiries, Davis tried to shift the subject to gun control which she is now suddenly against after having tried to stop gun shows in Fort Worth during her time on the city council. To top off her no good week, she declared that Greg Abbot hasn’t “walked a day in my shoes.” This would probably be fine, though cliche, if Abbot wasn’t a paraplegic who hasn’t walked in 30 years. Can you imagine the uproar if a Republican did this? Wendy Davis said it and the mainstream press has completely ignored it.

The Davis story is relevant for those of us not in Texas. Davis is a progressive following the Saul Alinsky model. She’s basically an amateur at it, which is why she’s failed so miserably. Most people in her position are amateurs, they’ve been surrounded by leftists for years and barely know how to interact with others. They believe the ends justify the means and they foolishly take it to a point where it isn’t difficult to prove they’re lying. Davis did just that with her personal story. There is a Wendy Davis in every state in this country. Someone who has the ability to obtain power through deception. These people can be taken down with the truth.

Wendy Davis also represents for the rest of the country a Democrat Party that is devoid of ideas. Davis offers nothing to the voters of Texas other than a personal story. President Obama wasn’t much different in 2008, his personal story was more important than his political positions. The left wants voters to ignore issues and vote based on emotional personal pleas. Whether the personal pleas are true or not doesn’t matter to the left, they’re only interested in votes. Obama had the sense to seal his past to the point where no one could find out if he was lying or not. Davis is an amateur at the progressive game and will probably be politically abandoned and relegated to MSNBC in short order.

4 thoughts on “Why Wendy Davis Matters Outside Texas

  1. “There is a Wendy Davis in every state in this country. Someone who has the ability to obtain power through deception. These people can be taken down with the truth.”

    Not at all. Elizabeth Warren, who fraudulently claimed Indian heritage to gain academic employment advancement and lied about it all for years, is now a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

    • Fauxcahontas was going to be difficult to beat in a state like Massachusetts whether she lied about being an Indian or not. Obviously each Wendy Davis type candidate has to be taken on their own with the dynamics of their state taken into consideration. It’s safe to say a lying leftist and their absurd personal stories probably will win in states like Massachusetts, New York and California. Those states are utterly lost. But they can be taken out in the rust belt, the south and the west until you get to the coast.

  2. Wendy Davis is only well-known because of the lying, complicit, corrupt, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, communist, godless media. Anytime they can find one little word of disdain for anyone who claims Christ as their Savior they become a media icon.

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