Climate Change Religion Stuck In Ice

A bunch of climate change scientists were rescued off a ship in Antarctica after getting stuck in the ice. The media conveniently left out that these scientists were in Antarctica to prove global warming. They wouldn’t want everyone to get a good laugh at the expense of science. Five years ago we were told by scientists that there wouldn’t be anymore Arctic ice, this year there is a massive increase. They told us the world would continue to warm 17 years ago, world temperatures are flat at best. Global warming/climate change is a religion for certain scientists. For politicians it’s an opportunity to advance socialism. Either way it’s a fraud.

On the religion end of global warming, a group of scientists are very fearful that the world is getting even warmer than they initially feared. It’s -10 outside where I am located but wherever you are please try not to laugh to loudly. After all “extreme” weather is now a sign of global warming according to these people. That we’ve had fewer hurricanes and fewer tornadoes doesn’t matter to them because their next argument will be that having fewer major weather events is evidence of man made climate change. There’s no willing you see because everything is evidence of man made climate change or global warming.

Christians such as myself will argue that everything in nature is evidence of creation. It frankly doesn’t matter what any of us are shown, for us it is evidence of our creator. This is based on our faith in God and in scripture. Climate change scientists are the priests of the global warming movement. Everything in the climate is evidence of man made climate change, it really doesn’t matter what anyone presents as evidence to them. Their Bible is a series of climate models, all of which show massive warming while completely discounting nearly two decades of stagnation to say nothing of warmings and coolings over history. These scientists create the computer models, plug in all of the data and miraculously the models confirm their preconceived conclusions. We little people are supposed to accept the models as scientific gospel.

Is it any wonder that socialist governments, including our own, spend billions on climate change research? Government has a very clear incentive to pay for proof of man made climate change. If politicians can drum up enough hysteria over future warming and the supposed dire consequences of such, they can force new taxes and regulations on our lives. That means more power in the hands of politicians and government bureaucrats. Scientists are in bed with the politicians, they earn billions in research dollars and have massive lobbying arms in Washington and in Europe. For some scientists it is absolutely religion, for others it’s simply a means to a comfortable living.

All of this nonsense is at the expense of taxpayers, particularly the middle class. We pay for these bogus computer models and their preconceived conclusions. We pay in the form of higher taxes and higher prices on goods we purchase. We pay in the form of lost freedom. Thankfully many in the United States are rejecting the socialist hysteria. In other countries there are larger movements than there were a few years ago against man made climate change and the socialists solutions offered by scientists who are paid by government. The world is beginning to wake up to the global warming religion and they’re rejecting it. We can only hope the world continues to wake up from its slumber.

3 thoughts on “Climate Change Religion Stuck In Ice

  1. Global warming is another example of man’s arrogance and Satan’s control of the godless fools. Fulfilling Satan’s ideas the proud and haughty believe they, puny men, control the weather, not the all-powerful God! It’s simply another example of man thinking he is a god. They are clueless jokes! (Psalms 2:4) He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

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