Obamacare Disaster Continues

Fallout from Obamacare continues this week. According to the NY Times, Obama “misspoke” when he said you could keep your own plan. Do the folks over at the Times believer their own malarkey? If “you can keep your own plan” was a one time random statement, perhaps it could be classified as a mistake. It isn’t a mistake when the President says it dozens of times, Democrats in Congress say it hundreds of times and it becomes a centerpiece of the argument for Obamacare. Obama didn’t misspeak when he said you could keep your own plan, he lied. He knew you wouldn’t be able to keep your own plan because he knew his administration was going to write rules that would prevent insurance companies from even offering your current plan.

Before Obamacare you could pick a plan that best suited your own needs. Now government decides what your needs are and you do not have the freedom to deviate from what your “betters” in government tell you. If you’re a 60 year old man, you’re stuck paying for maternity services that you will almost certainly not be utilizing. You can imagine a list of other services people are being forced to pay for that they have no need for. For a nation founded on individual freedom it’s sort of incredible to watch the government tell us what we must buy in the Obamacare exchanges. The left’s concept of freedom is at best warped.

Those in the exchanges are in for sticker shock. One couple in their 60’s found out their policy was canceled because of Obamacare. The cheapest option for them included a 50% increase in monthly premiums and more than $10,000 added to their deductible. Worse for them, they don’t even get to keep their own doctor. These Pennsylvanians discovered that the Obamacare policies only cover them in Pennsylvania. All of their doctors are in Deleware, just over the border for them. One cancer survivor found out not only was his policy canceled but he wouldn’t get to keep his doctors under Obamacare. How many thousands of Americans are in the same predicament?

How many people are being treated for major health problems today are getting letters notifying them of their insurance is being canceled? Those people have a lot on their plates as it is, now they’re stuck going to the Obamacare exchange website to buy new, more expensive coverage. With the website down, these people are in limbo. Most of the canceled policies end on January 1st, now less than two months away. Obamacare has been a mess for healthy people who want or need health insurance. It’s an even bigger mess for those who are sick and need ongoing care. Not only are many of these people seeing their current policy canceled, they can’t get onto the website to buy new, more expensive coverage.

Obama had a chance to delay the individual mandate for a year. The Republicans offered him the opportunity during the government shutdown. The President refused. Now people are losing their insurance, they’re getting changed substantially more for Obamacare coverage and they’re not able to keep their doctors. It will only get worse next year when the employer mandate kicks in, how many millions will find out their coverage is canceled? Is this the sort of freedom Americans want? Where government decides what a health insurance policy is and then forces us to buy their one size fits all concept of insurance? Obamacare is a political disaster for the Democrats but heading towards 2016 we really need to ask ourselves what freedom really is and whether government mandates like this are actually freedom.

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