Review And Comment Upon The News

It’s been a busy news week so far. The biggest story seems to be Sen. Ted Cruz and his ongoing Obamacare filibuster in the Senate. Obama thinks this is an “unprecedented” scare tactic, as though no one has ever filibustered anything ever before. Perhaps Cruz will get around to talking about the wedding tax or the massive increase in premiums for the young. To say nothing of the individual market raising premiums 99% for men and 62% for women thanks to Obamacare. Cruz isn’t going to win his battle to stop Obamacare, at least not this defunding effort. He’s playing Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington, which is about all he can do at this point.

In other news, did you see Obama’s bizarre UN speech the other day? If you wanted to know everything that is wrong with Obama’s foreign policy all you had to do is watch that speech. He actually believes the world is safer and more stable today then it was five years ago. Please ignore the fact that the entire middle east is in abject chaos thanks to Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood. He told the Iranians that the United States had a tendency to get involved in their affairs, suggesting that was a bad thing. Meanwhile he argued that the world must get involved in the affairs of Syria. As usual, Obama’s foreign policy is contradictory and incoherent.

In Virginia Beach, two 7th grade boys were expelled from school. Why you might wonder? Because they played with air soft pellet guns. Not at school, not on the bus but in one of the boys yards. They weren’t even at the bus stop yet the school felt compelled to expel these kids for the remainder of this school year. Apparently a “concerned” mother across the street tattled on these boys. Because of course who doesn’t call the school rather than talk to the kids parents? The school alleges that the kids shot their guns at other people, which the boys deny. Even if the school is correct, isn’t that a matter for the police and not the school? The message here is clear, guns are scary and even if your parents let you play with harmless pellet guns at home you might be expelled from school so be very afraid.

New York City is about to elect a communist as Mayor. Bill de Blasio is a long time supporter of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He raised money for the Communists and actually went to Nicaragua in the 80’s on a supposed “relief” mission. He and his wife honeymooned in Cuba, because what non-communist doesn’t visit Cuba on their honeymoon. De Blasio is going to lead New York City while it becomes the next Chicago or Detroit. That is until New Yorkers get fed up with the crime, then maybe the next Rudy Giuliani will get elected. With stop and frisk tossed out by a Federal judge and with de Blasio opposing it anyway, crime is certain to increase. If Obama is the new Jimmy Carter, de Blasio is the new David Dinkins.


2 thoughts on “Review And Comment Upon The News

  1. I didn’t get the chance to watch Obama’s speech, but I did hear a portion on the radio, where he claimed the world was more stable now than it was five years ago. Someone needs to do a drug test on the President.

    • I’d like to know what he means by stable. We’re talking about a President who is very comfortable with American decline. In fact, in his life Obama has surrounded himself with people who believe America is dangerous and troublesome in the world. So for Obama perhaps American decline is a sign of world stability.

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