The Depravity Of Three Black Teenagers

Three black teenagers, Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones, were bored one day in Duncan Oklahoma. In order to remedy their boredom they decided to shoot people. They ultimately shot and killed Chris Lane, a white Australian student here on a baseball scholarship. There are obvious racial overtones in this case. Unlike the Trayvon Martin death, Lane didn’t do anything to get himself shot. He didn’t fight with the three teenagers, he was simply out on a jog. Odds are we won’t hear anyone say “if I had a son, he’d look like Chris.” Even though many of us could easily say our son could have been out jogging only to be shot down by bored black teenagers.

Race is a background issue in this matter. The real problem is the utter depravity of Lane’s killers. That we have three bored teenagers is probably not a big shock. Certainly if teenagers are bored it is incumbent on their parents to find more for them to do, be it chores around the house or a job. Be that as it may, to jump from boredom to murder is an astronomical jump. We’ve all been bored in our lives, how many of us have decided to kill people as a result? The depravity of such a decision ought to shock all of us.

The problem is deeper than that though. It isn’t just one teenager who was bored and decided to kill someone. This was three teenagers who decided to work in concert to kill a random person because they were bored. Not one of them tried to talk the group out of killing people, not one of them said it was wrong. From all accounts there wasn’t a fourth person who walked away. All of these teenagers decided it was acceptable to kill someone because they were bored. This level of depravity ought to shock all of us and it ought to cause us to ask how it could be that three teenagers would think this behavior is acceptable.

There is some talk that these boys were aspiring rappers and may have wanted to “do time” in order to boost their rap careers. If true that’s a serious problem in our culture. The problem though goes deeper than a fleeting rap career. The problem stems from government education which doesn’t teach truth and doesn’t teach basic Christian morality. Government education is post-modern, it doesn’t believe in truth and doesn’t stand for truth. Truth is what you make of it. That 4×3=11 is your truth, that I believe the answer is 12 is my truth. The dumbing down of education directly leads to children who are incapable of making moral decisions.

The murder of Chris Lane is shocking in its depravity. If we don’t step back and ask ourselves what is wrong with our country when something like this happens then we become part of the problem. Do we want a nation where bored teenagers pick off joggers because they have nothing better to do with their lives? Do we want a nation where children have no morality, have no rational thinking capability and no concern for others? Most of us will say no to those questions but that’s where it will stop. Until we stand up and say enough is enough we’re going to continue hearing stories like this one. We must start fighting back against the godless government schools and post-modern education. Their role in this is much greater than most of us care to admit.

6 thoughts on “The Depravity Of Three Black Teenagers

  1. I don’t believe they were bored. I think they are gang/thugs and racist white haters! I posted about this on my blog today. Many, many pictures from their own Facebook accounts. Also, Rush’s comments to Jesse Jackson about his racist tweet regarding this hate crime. You might like to check it out at –

    • I think it’s possible this is a “hate” crime. However, we should refrain from jumping to conclusions about their racial motives. I believe these kids were bored and decided to shoot someone. The question is whether they would have shot a black jogger had one crossed their path. If the answer is no, then odds are they racially profiled Lane. That doesn’t make them any less bored though.

      There likely is a racial element here, though it’s not completely clear yet. I’m more concerned about the depravity involved here. We’re to the point where three teenagers think it’s acceptable to shoot at people because they’re bored. If they shot at Lane because he was white, the depravity is all the worse. This sort of extreme immorality does not bode well for our republic because this is unfortunately not an isolated incident.

      • They went hunting in an upper scale neighborhood. I believe the indication is that it was primarily a white neighborhood. Edwards, one of the “alleged” black murderers, tweeted he hates 90% of whites. Another tweet said he took down 5 woods. Woods is a slang term for whites. Another tweet bragged he took down 2 in 2 hours (or something close to those words). All humans are born into depravity. Alas, some preach it, practice it, cultivate it, fertilize it, water it, spread it, and watch it grow to deadly explosive proportions and delight in it’s consequences. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, & the New Black Panthers are just 4 examples of such. Some others occupy high positions in local civil offices all the way up to DC in the Obama administration. I don’t believe any one of these 3 were born with that level of depravity. Imans radicalize the born depraved students of Islam in mosques and turn them into hate-filled terrorists. Chancey Luna, James Edwards and Michael Jones were born depraved and then they were turned into a marauding gang of murderers who were willing to shoot someone in the back by black teachers of radicalism. They are the worst kind of scumbags! Cowards too! BTW, they were not 3 blacks, just 2 of them were. The driver, Jones 17, was white. Apparently Jones is in Edwards 10% of un-hated whites. The attitude of one of the murderers, 15 year-old James Edwards Jr., shocked investigators. Less than an hour after Lane was murdered, Edwards showed up at the courthouse to sign papers related to juvenile probation charges. Police say they have video of him “dancing, laughing and carrying on” as he was being booked for Lane’s murder. The prosecutor said, “It was a great big joke to him.” What does it say about our culture that three teenagers have so little respect for innocent life that they can so callously kill a young man jogging down the street. Of course, murder is actually legal in the USA. We murder 3,000 unborn babies every day in bloody abortion mills! And if my memory serves me correctly 75% are black mothers murdering their own babies! We have murdered legally here in the USA more babies in a holocaust numbering a greater total than the entire population of Canada! And it’s all legal. Called a choice! Choice? I think not! That’s a premeditated, cold-blooded, cowardly hate crime of depravity as well. God help America! 2 Chronicles 2:14

      • A lot of our problems can be traced to abortion. Post-modern education is perfect for our abortion society. Life is meaningless, there is no point to anything, there is no truth. Abortion fits post-modernism perfectly.

  2. It’s beginning to look as if there is a racial component to this shooting. The mainstream media doesn’t want to admit that, but it is there.

    In my first post about this, I talked about the sad decline of a society that produces teenagers who believe it is perfectly acceptable to shoot someone out of boredom. That speaks volumes about the decline of America.

    • The racial component is interesting, especially in light of the Martin-Zimmerman case. I think there are some conservative media outlets that are going out of their way to look for black on white crime and read race into it, mostly to stick it to the liberal media who did the same in the Martin-Zimmerman affair. The goal seems to be attacking hypocrisy more than anything else.

      What struck me at the Chris Lane murder is the utter depravity of the killing. It should shock everyone that these kids thought so little of human life that their bordom trumped Lane’s right to life. Gang murders are bad enough, but at least there is purpose behind those murders. Murders within family are bad but there is usually a purpose behind them no matter how evil the purpose may be. There was no purpose, no meaning attached to this murder. In many ways it was the perfect post-modern murder. Meaningless, pointless, directionless and Godless.

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