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How much did my ice fishing gear cost?

For most of the people, when it comes to hobbies, cost is major concern. Ice fishing is rather expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some tricks that you can use to dramatically reduce your ice-fishing-related expenses, but we’ll discuss those later. In general, i wanted to write this tutorial to give you general ballpark of how much should you expect to spend on ice fishing in total. I will be talking based on my experience, so my approach won’t apply to everyone. Some people like to spend more, others like to spend less. But i believe that my spending habits match that of average ice fishing enthusiast’s, so for most people it should be helpful.

Most essential parts of ice fishing gear are the actual fishing equipment – ice fishing rod, reel and jigs. They are what you use to catch the fish, so it should be no brainer that anyone who wants to go ice fishing should buy those first. I recommend getting a combo – they tend to be cheaper and simpler to use. Quality reels by respected brands can get a little expensive, but you won’t need them at first. Simple combos will do fine job, and if you want to ensure the quality of the product you’re buying, it never hurts to check reviews by experienced people. Basically, ice fishing rod and reel combo should cost you no more than fifty dollars, and jigs are super cheap too, so expect to pay about fifty dollars for all three of these.

 You should also buy proper clothing and shelter to protect yourself from extremely cold temperatures. Small 2 person ice fishing shelter will set you back by few hundred dollars. Make sure to get quality brand like Frabill or Eskimo, you don’t want to be spending few hundred bucks on new one every other year. There are two popular styles of shelter – the ones that work and look like regular tents and flip-over ones. I recommend sticking with the former, but if you’re looking for agility, flip-style shelters are also worth consideration. There are bit more details that go into buying good ice fishing houses for yourself. For that, check this review by Ice Fishing Gear.

 When it comes to clothes, ice fishing gloves, boots and bibs are the most essential pieces of clothing you’ll need. Especially boots and gloves, because they protect most freezing-sensitive parts of your body. Bibs can be replaced by warm clothes, but once you have the money, i’d recommend getting one of those as well.

 Clothing and shelters together should cost around five hundred dollars. So all in all, you should expect to spend around six hundred bucks on everything. There are ways to reduce that cost though – for instance, you can always check craigslist for good bargains, or you could buy ice fishing shelter along with your friends to share, in case you have friends who like ice fishing, of course.

Getting started with ice fishing

Getting started is the hardest part of any endeavor, hobbies included. Ice fishing is no exception. There are many things that you have to keep in mind and that can be confusing for beginners. Some people talk about it a lot but never take action, mainly because they don’t even know where to get started. I was one of those people once, and it was only thanks to my friends that i managed to get through it. I understand that some people might not be as fortunate to have friends who are experienced in this, so i wanted to write quick, simple tutorial to teach you where to get started, step by step. Also, if you don’t have lots of friends who are into ice fishing, IceFishingGear.Com can be pretty helpful.

 First of all, i think you need ice fishing rod. I recommend getting the rod first for few reasons : first of all, it’s pretty affordable, so even if it turns out that you don’t like ice fishing anymore, you won’t be losing a lot of money. Second of all – it’s the essential part of ice fishing gear. It’s the main tool that you’ll be using, all the other stuff is complimentary, meant to make ice fishing more comfortable or more effective. For example, you might be tempted to get ice fishing tent, but what you don’t realize is that not all lakes are equally cold. There are some lakes that are survivable without the use of any kind of shelters. It won’t be as comfortable as using heated shelter, but it will do in the beginning.

 Now that we have that out of the way, there are also fishing reels, jigs and other small accessories that you’ll need to get for your ice fishing rod. This stuff is essential because it’s what you use to catch the fish. Top notch reels can cost up to few hundred dollars, but for the beginners, i believe that cheap combo kits should be just fine. Just ask ice fishing combo kit in the retail stores or search it on Amazon if you want to find out more. There’s also one more thing that you should also definitely get, even though it’s not essential – ice auger. For somewhat thin ice, you can use many things to make a hole, but hand augers aren’t that expensive and using them will just save so much time.

 i would recommend to take the first trip using these, and figure out the rest as you go. Good ice fishing accessories like footwear, gloves and clothing is nice, but it isn’t essential. Plus, they’re much more expensive, so getting them only to realize that you don’t even like ice fishing will set you back by few significant amount of money.


First time ice fishing tips

Over the years, i’ve seen many people getting started in ice fishing. I see pattern of same mistakes being made, even though some of the beginners do enough research before diving in. I was a beginner once, and i made those same mistakes myself. With that being said, i thought i’d write a post about common mistakes that beginners usually make and give advice on how to prevent them. Also, in general, i wanted to write tutorial on getting started in ice fishing, in general. So i have some spare time on my hands these days, and i thought i’d complete it before i lost the inspiration and energy for it.

  First of all, what you need to do before anything else, is – buy quality ice fishing gear. You should start from most essential stuff like ice fishing rods and reels, and then move on to buying less essential, but still useful gadgets like heaters and all that. People usually don’t have that big of a budget and they can only afford one or two things at a time, but that’s okay. You can go to your first ice fishing trip with very little in your gear – just make sure to have ice fishing rod and some tool to make a hole. You can buy the rest of your tools later and go on more advanced and comfortable trips. Hand auger will be very useful for making a hole in the ice, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry too much about that, either. You can always get one anyway, since they are very accessible and cheap. I found mine on craigslist for twenty-something dollars.

 Before you buy anything, it’s always a good idea to check what the customers and experts are saying about it. That way, you can quickly assess what are the flaws and advantages of certain products. If flaws are a deal-breaker for you, you’ll move on and buy something else. I believe research is the key component of making buying decision.

  Other important parts of your ice fishing gear will be shelters and good clothes, especially the gloves and boots. Fingers and toes are very sensitive to freezing, and you need to make  sure you have good gear protecting them. Good ice fishing boots must be waterproof and you must wear warm socks. Gloves also should be waterproof and warm, but also dexterous. We do most of the fishing using our fingers and hands in general, so having warm gloves but being incapable to perform basic tasks won’t suffice.  

 Other minor gadgets, that are nice to have, but not essential, are heaters, chairs and hats. Sometimes ice fishing shelters will come with chairs pre-installed, but if they don’t, consider getting comfortable one.

Summary of Arsen Wenger’s Tenure at Arsenal

Numerous would contend that it ought to have happened sooner. Possibly they are right, however that is a contention for some other time. What is important here are two things.

One is that what turned into a running image, the possibility of an everlasting Wenger declining to leave the Colney preparing ground and Arsenal’s investors, driven by the Kroenke family, conciliating him endlessly is no more.

Sensibly, there were three situations for Wenger. Remain until the finish of the season, maybe win the Europa League en route and afterward report his takeoff, one of those “shared assent” bargains that clubs use to veil sackings. Another was keeping it together by his fingernails and getting the allegorical shot come the finish of May. The third is the way he picked after it turned out to be obvious to him that nothing, not in any case an European trophy and an arrival to the Champions League, would change Arsenal’s aggregate personality to dispose of him.

Out of the three ways accessible at this crossroads, he picked this one – declaring his takeoff now – to some degree to dispose of the vulnerability over the club’s future. Its a well known fact that there’s a (very much established) conviction around the club that last season’s theory and hesitation did them no favors. It hurt them on the pitch, and it debilitated their arranging position in regards to their two star players: Alexis Sanchez, who inevitably moved to Manchester United, and Mesut Ozil, who extended his agreement yet with a huge raise.

Wenger’s declaration quickens the change procedure and expels the question marks. In some ways, it’s his separating blessing to a board that has relentlessly supported him for as long as decade until the point that it believed it could do as such no more. In different routes, by all signs, it was a to a great degree agonizing advance for him to take.

This isn’t only a man who has known just a single club and one condition for as far back as 22 years; it’s a man who fabricated the biological community in which he existed. The stories of the kind of club Arsenal were the point at which he assumed control are army. He manufactured the London Colney preparing ground, he helped configuration key points of interest at the Emirates Stadium and he micromanaged everything down to the players’ eating methodologies, which went from the potato chips and bacon sandwiches so common in the English amusement in the 1990s to the pasta, salmon and steamed vegetables we see today.

Wenger assembled current Arsenal, and now he is never again required or needed. That is a punch in the gut, regardless of how sensible or unavoidable it may have been and regardless of to what extent it had been coming.